Online Poker Rankings UK And Ireland: Jonathan Proudfoot Enters Worldwide Top 10

The Jonathan “proudflop” Proudfoot of United Kingdom has climbed in the United Kingdom online poker rankings top, ranking provided by, and as the result also show that he is in the eighth position in the world. This is his all-time highest ranking.

Currently, Proudfoot has the winning by nearly $2.4 million. And this earning has come from online poker tournament. All through the year 2018 till date, he is in a great form. Last week he won three tournaments outright. The first victory came in at the PokerStars $215 NLHE 6-Max for $4,078 and then he followed that at Partypoker by taking down the Major-HR: $50K Gtd Tuesday for $13,000 and at PokerStars $530 Bounty Builder High Roller for an additional $10,760.

Patrick “pleno1” Leonard, who was the number one before Proudfoot is now slipped to the second position in the UK ranking list in online tournament performance. The ambassador of Partypoker helped himself to reach five-figure scores twice; the one is for $22,999 and the second one for $13,890. The first one came from winning the Sunday $150K Gtd Big Bounty Hunter of Partypoker and the second one came from finishing fourth in the Partypoker, 1K Sunday $200K Gtd Big Bounty Hunter.

During the past week, David “davaman” Lopez, The UK-based Spaniard hit some form and finished third in the PokerStars tournament Super Tuesday $1,050 for $21,208. He then finished second in Tuesday Major-HR: $50K Gtd in the Partypoker for an additional $9,638. He is in the seventh-place in the UK standings.

Finally, Owain “sngwonder” Carey, who scored five-figure last week, including the $3,479 pull for finishing at the third position in the tournament Hot $109 PokerStars and one for $3,932. There are more surprising names present on the list, you can check on the internet.

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