Tom Hall is one of the best poker players from England

Thomas hall is the full name of the poker player Tom Hall.

His total live earnings are $217772 this is a good amount that he has achieved in the game. His best live earnings are $120315 and this was his best live cash that he has won and was also one of the best games that he has played. It is also considered as one of the tough game he has played.

There are three more poker players of the same name but this player is much more known because of his playing skills and techniques. He loves to listen to the music and this is one of his theories to keep his mind in a cool state so that he does not get aggressive and play the game with calmness and coolness.             

He has many followers on the social media young players also consider him as their aspiration when they are entering the poker game. 18733 people talk about him and his playing skills and playing techniques. He began with his career in his home nation England. Tom is very bright and a rising star of the poker game. He ranks at the 372 position in the England all-time money ranking list. 6238th position is his rankings in the all-time money list current rankings.

Tom ranks at the 4891st position in the all-time money list best rankings. In the global poker ranking index he ranks at the 41894th position. He also ranks at the 397th position in the terms of popularity rankings. He is a very bright player and he is not completely satisfied with his total earnings, he wants to achieve more and be one of the best poker players in the poker game. He wants to achieve more and more and be at the next level in ladder of the game.

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